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We design engaging web experiences to help you go from leads to customers faster.

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Welcome to the BLU Digital Solution.  When choosing someone to help grow your business via web traffic, social media or any other digital avenue, the first thing you must ask yourself is this…. What makes BLU Digital Solutions any different than other SEO companies out there?

The answer is credibility and professionalism. First and foremost we are a family-owned business that understands the importance of providing value to others. We are able to look at your business model from different perspectives, whether it’s through the eyes and expertise of Grant Garab our founder or Natalie Garab our chief operating officer or Wayne Garab the life long entrepreneur and business owner. 

Grant Garab

Grant Garab


Grant is a United States Marine with a  wife and three young boys. His dedication to his country and family is what keeps him grounded and wanting to serve others. This translates into selfless and tireless efforts to our customers when helping to grow their business.

Natalie Garab

Natalie Garab


Natalie is the voice of reason and the matriarch of this family business.  Natalies analytical thinking and a true passion for helping others are second to none. She puts the needs of others first and will do the same for your business when you become a client. Clients satisfaction and success is her priority!

Wayne Garab

Wayne Garab


Wayne has over thirty years of experience in helping others grow their business and understands that reputation and treating others fairly is the only way to succeed. His mission in life is to grow the family business into the most reputable and sought after ‘people helping people’ business out there. After all, his seven grandchildren are always watching! 

About us BLU Digital Solutions

Brad Fisher


Always on the bleeding edge of technology, Brad seeks out new features and functionality that help business grow at light speed. “My main goal is to leverage new tech that will speed up the process rather than slow it down. At the end of the day SEO is supposed to be easy, ya know?”

BLU Digital Solutions never sleeps when it comes to providing cutting edge methods and technologies to grow their client’s businesses. We are continually learning from the top experts in the industry so that we can provide the most up to date value and techniques when helping you grow your client base. 

When making the decision of who you choose to help grow your customer base and ultimately take your business to the top, the BLU Digital Solutions family will be there right beside you to insure nothing is left to chance.

Success is a choice, make it count.